Press Release 12/2015 03.06.2015

Saturday may 30th at 20.00 in the evening Mauro Calamia starts from 6° position on the grid with a time of 1.48.374 (only .280 cent form the first), at the green light Mauro makes a fantastic starts leading the Autorlando’s car in third position and keeping the position till the open of the windows, when a pushing stress from other competitors through him in mistake loosing 2 position. The performed Porsche is given to Camathias that loos gold seconds and bring the car in 7th position overall, making the best times in the last 5 laps.

A really hard championship where every concurrent is fighting for the title.

In race 2 Joel Camathias starts from the 3rd positions conquered with a time of 1.48.522 (at 0.336 cent form the first) he keeps the position with a perfect start, and gave the Porsche gt3 R to Calamia in position no. 5 after an hard battle with Audi and Ferrari. Mauro Calamia keep a very good race lap by lap time bring the car at championship points.

Now with 4 points of race 1 and 7 points in race 2, the team Orlando and his drivers are ready for the next battle in Mugello next June 28th 2015.