Press release 20/2015 06.07.2015

The three drivers of Trento have done, already in the free practice, interesting times; but was in Sunday’s race who have been able to bring out the best from Porsche of Autorlando-Sport.

Dario Baruchelli was the first on the Porsche R-GT with a good time of 11,31,82 places in third position of group and first in class R-GT 3000+, then Marco Cristoforetti and Giuseppe Ghezzi respectively with the time of 10,49,44 and 11,06,87 obtain the first and the second place of group and in class GT 3000+.

In the overall standing, Marco Cristoforetti is in 19th place, preceded only by the performing prototypes.

Happiness for the Team and the drivers in the home race.
Three great successes on the famous climb of Trento signed Autorlando Sport.