Press release 33/2015 05.10.2015

Classic Endurance Racing Championship weekend on the French circuit of Paul Ricard at Le Castellet and two sides of the coin for the crews of Autorlando Sport.

Matricardi Francesco and Nicola with their 911 RSR 2.8 in class CER 1 finish their weekend, in the middle of Q2, due to the engine failure. A shame given the right feedback that was giving their car, but the races are also this…

Fratti Maurizio and Andrea Cabianca, after “wet” qualifying, finish the race with an excellent 3rd place, obtained at three laps at the end, with an overtake to the BMW M1.
This 3rd place confirm the victory of the Championship with one race ahead and the convocation for Le Mans Classic 2016.

Great satisfaction in this French weekend for drivers and the whole Team.

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