Press release 04/2016 15.02.2016

Positive weekend at Franciacorta for Autorlando Sport with Porsche 997 RGT driven by Dario Baruchelli and Antonio Tognolini.

6 special stages characterized for the 80% of stretches sections and extreme reversals and that they didn’t give a moment of breath. The crew was very happy and enjoyed for the continuous evolution of this 997 R-GT, which was able to give visual and acoustic emotions at Franciacorta public.

Many appreciations form the insiders and not, which did not expect a car so interesting and different from that they usually see despite the 38° place overall due to a difficult 5th special stage.

Great satisfaction of the Team for the excellent work that has been done and will continue in the development of this Porsche, which will still give strong emotions at those who will lead it both at the public….