Press Release 19/2016 30.05.2016

Excellent performance for Ghezzi and Fondi that dominated the Coppa Italia in Magione and obtain both in race 1 and in race 2, the first and the second position overall.
Satisfactions for Team and drivers.

Here the comment of Fondi: “Great car and team, apart from the result I started to have a car which bodes well for the future.”

The standing sees right now Giuseppe Ghezzi in 3rd place with 29 points, just 6 points away from the leader De Bellis with 33 points.
Maurizio Fondi instead is in 4th place with 27 points.

Next round of the Coppa Italia will be in Monza on July 3.

The Autorlando Sport was also present at Bergamo Historic Grand Prix, the memory of the “Circuito delle Mura” with Porsche 911 SC “Vezza” driven by Percassi brothers and the Porsche 914 driven by Orlando Redolfi.

Simone Tacconi gave, as every year, an impeccable organization, shame for the weather that didn’t allow an affluence of public as the passed years, but still was able to give great emotions!

Here the comment of Olav and Neugel Percassi: “A few years ago we had the pleasure of becoming customers of Orlando Redolfi and to appreciate the professionalism, the competence and the seriousness. We also had the possibility to speak about cars and rally remaining fascinated by how much and how he can communicate an obvious passion.

We arrive together to the paddock of Città Alta, aboard of the two cars, assisted by his efficient and well prepared team mechanics; he has realized our dream: drive one of those cars …
Above all, at the end of the day, drive beside him, an icon of the rally and competitions who watch you for a few laps and then correct you, advise and even correct you, teaching you to see the track as “another route”, in the trajectories..

And although it is always difficult put into practice what is learned from adults, his amazing ability to make you understand and communicate even manages to break the tension, of course, to have next to you a motorsport legend”