Press Release 27/2016 04.07.2016

Continues the supremacy of Cristoforetti at the “Trento Bondone” who for the 5th consecutive year wins the 1st place in category GT3000 + with PORSCHE GT3 R GT nr 59. Cristoforetti improves also the absolute position from year to year, in this 66th edition in fact is in 16th place overall.

The PORSCHE GT3 R GT nr 58 of GIUSEPPE GHEZZI gains for the 3rd time the second place in class and now is in the top twenty in 19th place, driver that will be involved in the championship climb in the spa endurance of the Euro gt4 series.

The PORSCHE GT4 nr. 73 DARIO BARUCHELLI dominates the qualifying, but during the race, Dario obtains the second position in category GTCUP.


At Monza with the third PORSCHE GT3 R Maurizio Fondi gains an excellent 2nd place in Race 1 and a 3RD place in Race 2 but due to a infraction in the first variant he was penalize with 5” and was demoted in 4th place.
Now Maurizio Fondi is in second position with only 1 point behind the leader de Bellis.

This is the comment of Maurizio Fondi: “two beautiful races, the first was fantastic, overcome before the Ferrari and then the BMW was incredible. Also the second race was beautiful, sin for a very questionable decision to give me those 5 second penalty. ”

Next meeting will be after the summer break at Mugello. For the occasion, there will be the format of Coppa Italia and Endurance with:
Fondi with the Porsche GT3 R for winning the championship and later by Ghezzi and Cerati.
On Porsche GT3 R nr 2, Luciano Tarabini will try to improve the result of Misano and the same car No. 2 will race for the Endurance with the Bossini family.