Press release 42/2016 27.09.2016

The series created by SRO Motorsports Group, GT4 European Series, stops, for the fifth of the six appointments provided in this championship, at the Hungaroring. The circuit near Budapest, was made famous from Formula One since the nineties.

As usual, permanent presence of Autorlando Sport and the well-matched pair from Trento  Giuseppe Ghezzi and Alessandro Giovanelli with their 997 GT4, only present among the many Porsche Cayman, BMW Z4, Maserati GT, KTM X-Bow and Aston Martin Vantage.

Good free practice on Friday, occasion for the drivers to take cognizance of the twisty Hungarian track, to get ready for the qualifying on Saturday morning. Qualifying hampered due to a prolonged red flag that reduces a few laps valid attempts to make time. Team and drivers manage the situation to the best with Giovanelli 11th overall, 3° in AM class in qualifying one and Ghezzi 10th overall and also 3rd in class in qualifying two.

Race 1 on Saturday with start on time at 17.45, after the show offered by the Prince series of tourism, the German DTM. Giovanelli started well and maintained throughout his stint the fourth class position giving the car to Ghezzi in half competition. Good test of the team that sends Ghezzi back on the track in first class position AM, but due to an error at pit exit the driver is in 7th place. The goal is the podium, but the result is definitively compromised by a contact who Ghezzi suffered by the Maserati of Chodzen. Retreat for both and disappointment for the missed opportunity to earn good points for the overall standings.

Race 2 on Sunday morning, start at 9.30, Ghezzi starts well but in a few laps is in 6th position in class, not losing contact from the first until the driver change. Giovanelli, thanks to the safety car, restarts the race stuck in early. At the restart takes this opportunity to bring the car in third position in class AM and to reach the second place but at the climax, an infringement committed in the driver change involves a stop & go, penalties which freezes the hopes of doing well. Giovanelli ends in sixth place in AM class, 14th overall.

Everything still up for grabs on the Dutch circuit of Zandvoort for the grand final of the season, still with the format of the two sprint races.