Press release 59/2016 05.12.2016

With the traditional appointment on the Umbrian circuit of Magione, the 100 miles modern cars ends the 2016 season, this year together to the Historic Championship.

Autorlando Sport is present at the start with the usual Porsche 997 GT3 R and Maurizio Fondi, after the end of the ”Coppa Italia” Championship by Peroni Promotion.

Insignificant free practices on Friday due to the humidity on the track, the same thing for the qualifying on Saturday. In this case, the time is important, and Fondi is “not back down” and gains the first row next to Fulgenzi with 997 GT3 CUP and despite an engine does not make the best and it is replaced in the evening.

It is a long race, 64 laps of the circuit, with 5 minute break for refueling and driver change. Start at 14:30, Fondi burns Petrini, starter on the 997 CUP and partner of Fulgenzi, who breaks down the hairpin touching the Autorlando’s Porsche 997: retreat for him and dented bumpers for Fondi who continues the race.

The team decides to anticipate the mandatory stop to control the engine parameters, all is OK and Fondi continues its march, recovering position after position, always with the best lap time, and at the conclusion of the stops, returns in first place with more than a lap.

The race ends at the 60th of 64 laps for a red flag caused by an accident occurred at the Ferrari 550 but this does not detract from the skill of Fondi to stay focused throughout the race, and then close first overall and of course the first group and class.

Comment by Maurizio Fondi: “Regular competition, very hard and demanding also because the collision at the first corner had me very worried. Then I took a good step that led me to victory. Great car and great team. ”

This is the end of the umpteenth season for Autorlando Sport still protagonist on circuits throughout Europe, on the track and in rallies, uphill and testing, with modern and historic cars, proof that 45 years of activities they are nothing more than the prelude to another season to come.