Press release 09/2017 02.05.2017

The Italian Gran Turismo championship opens its 15° season on the circuit of Imola devoted to Enzo and Dino Ferrari and Autorlando-sport introduces him in the Class GT4 with the usual Porsche 997 GT4s with Giuseppe Ghezzi and Dario Cerati.

Although the couple of pilots has jumped the free tests of Friday in the qualifications of Saturday, Cerati is positioned in 5th position of class, 18th absolute, while Ghezzi gets the 3rd position of class, 14° absolute.

Race1 at lunchtime of Saturday, Cerati at the start is depart well and after 2 turns he’s already 3rd of class GT4, position in which he leaves the steering wheel to Ghezzi at the opening of the changes pilot’s window, as of usual between the 20° minute and the 30° minute of competition.

Good the restart, but in the game of the changes the white-blue Autorlando loses a position. Regular competition until the Safety Car doesn’t enter that it creates some confusion and incomprehensions with the pilots in footstep. Of it ago the expenses really Ghezzi that guiltlessly loses time behind the car relay race before the same one realizes that it is not the leader and allows the passing. With this the advantage on the Carboni’s Ginetta annuls him in an instant and in the remaining turns Ghezzi doesn’t succeed in defending, closing so 5th of class GT4, 17° absolute.

Race2 at the afternoon of Sunday, with the Team that picks up the technical information derived by the experience of race1, modifying the order to allow the pilots a great competitiveness.

At the start Ghezzi that, with the times constantly in improvement, remains 3rd up to the pilot’s change always to draught of the couple leader.

At the standstill Cerati has an indecision that, at the end of the changes, it relegates him in 4th position of class; it seems the yet another positioning to the feet of the platform but the credit with the fortune he settles, the penalty of De Castro’s Cayman hands so the #203 on the platform, 3rd step, unexpected but surely deserved.

Smiles and toast that give hope for the next binding away game in British earth where of scene will be the second appointment of the GT4 European Series.

Instead the Italian GT greets and gives appointment to Misano on June 4 for the 2nd Round.