press release 30/2017 21.08.2017


During first qualification the Porsche 911 gt4 with Manuele Mengozzi conquered the 4th position in Am, at the race 1 start Manuele avoids all the contact with the others cars, even if this let him loose some position. However after only 5 laps Manuele gains 2 position but his race is interrupted by the safety car, after 2 laps the race restart and the car 76 of Mengozzi is fighting with the car nr 77.

A soft contact between them cause to the Autorlando sport’s car a drive trough. BUT Besides the drive trough Ghezzi keep a perfect race rhythm l 1m50s. at the laps 19, an incident between tree cars call the safety car. Race direction decides for the red flag this freeze the position of the 76 Porsche gt4 at the 7th in the Am classification without having enough time to try to retrieve any further position.


In race 2 Ghezzi has conquered the third Am position and starts from the 8th field on the starting grid.


At the starts the 76 of Giuseppe Ghezzi keeps out of the problems and from the second race lap succeed ton signing the time of 1.49- 4th class position.

The Porsche 911 gt4 keeps a very good lap by lap constant time that allow Ghezzi to reach the cars in front t of him. His run up ends by the safety car first and red flag after.

On the circuit the car 26 keeps fire and the race director stopped the race asking to the competitors to wait until further decision in the faster lane, race time were not stopped so team were allowed to change driver in red flag waiting for the restart.

The race starts when only 20 minutes are left at the end, all cars exit form the fast lane behind the safety car and after 2 laps race starts again.

Manuele Mengozzi does his best to fight for the first Am position when a safety cars comes again on the truck and this stopped all the run of the Porsche nr 76 ending the second race in third position in Am.



The weed end of the Porsche nr 75 is more complicated due to the few times available for the driver either in free, nor in qualifying session. Too much car on a so tight circuit didn’t allow them to learn the circuit enough.


Dario Cerati on the 75 car qualified the car in 9th Am position, at the starts he avoid all possible contact with the other cars and gain also a position trying to maintain the rhythm at the 1.53 per laps. Safety cars stopped the run up and at the 12th lap he is called for the driver change. Maurizio Fondi do his best to finish his stint in a perfect way but a radio noise let him ending in the eight Am position.



In race 2 Fondi qualified the Porsche gt4 in 10th Am position and succeed in gaining one position at the start keeping a very good rhythm but even here the safety and the red flag didn’t allowed them to run up any further position Dario Cerati end the race in 8th AM class classification.