Press release 02/2018 08.02.2018

Chapeau!!!.The conditions for doing well were all there and so it was for the crew of father and son Stancheris that in the Monegasque race take a resounding 31st place of class on the 911 SC 1981 prepared by Autorlando-Sport.

It was certainly not an easy race in which the two Bergamaschi were tested for the first time since the Montecarlo Historic rally is a race in itself, different from other regular events; it is not also the most famous regularity competition in the world , weather conditions and especially other competitor are among the most difficult. Nothing, however, has discouraged the team and the crew that after the first two days of “running in” from Monday, until the final test that took place at night on the famous “Col de Turini”, they put in grit and consistency of performance like more experienced crews even taking away the satisfaction of arriving in the first 50 crews during the last regularity tests.

An important experience that adds to the history of the team and so we can only thank Davide and Amilcare and the assistance guys, Adriano Fabio and Ennio for having figured well and for keeping high the colors of the team and the car throughout all the event.

Thanks again with the hope of being able to talk about another important result in twelve months.

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