Press Release 14/2018 28.05.2018

Excellent news arrives from the Romagna racetrack where Autorlando-Sport confirms itself as an important presence in the championship by Giordano Giovannini, ASD Italia Corse.

Week-end characterized by a summer sun and the truck festival that surrounded the Italian stage of the European Truck Series.

Max Pigoli obtains two absolute victories and class at the wheel of his orange and gray 997 CUP while Alessandro Nervi wins a third and a second place.

During the qualifying on Saturday Pigoli won an absolute pole and Alessandro who managed to qualify for eighth overall but also first class (GT1).

3 Porsche in the GT2 class to fight against Max (# 34) and three other Stuttgart cars to contend the positions that count to Nervi in ​​the GT1 class.

The race on Sunday morning sees Max shoot well from the pole and run away despite the two safety cars that instead “compromise” the car led by Alessandro. At the second restart, in fact, a doubled driver misleads the driver from Bergamo who will lose a couple of positions during the lap and finish third.

At 2:20 pm it was scheduled to race-2 that saw Max still do hare and Alessandro find a better pace taking home a 2nd place class defending himself very well from attacks brought in the final of the Porsche driven by Cagliani.

Next meeting in 3 weeks at the Magione motor-racing circuit in the province of Magione, the championship comes alive, the opponents increase but confident that the drivers and the team will be able to defend themselves to the fullest.

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