Press release 18/2018 18.06.2018

With two class victories in the GT-1 class captured by Alessandro Nervi, a victory and a second place taken by Max Pigoli in the GT-2 class, the weekend at the Magione racetrack brings with it many confirmations for the Autorlando- Sport. The third round of the Supercars series was held in Umbria and at the start Pigoli and Nervi were called to confirm the good deeds done so far and to maintain or even extend the head of the classification on the pursuers.

In saturday’s qualifications Alessandro Nervi takes first place in class with the seventh absolute time while Max Pigoli, in the only good lap before accusing the breaking of a belt, captures the 4th absolute time and class. Nothing serious about the car that before the evening was ready to go back on track.

Race 1 on Sunday starts punctually at 10:30 and sees the car 35 of Alessandro Nervi dominate the GT1 class and Pigoli gradually extend its advantage until the safety car does not cancel the 4 seconds advantage; excellent start of Pigoli who manages to gain two position curve one by putting himself behind the leader, the Ukrainian Lefimenko on 911 CUP (# 36). At the checkered flag the loot amounts to a victory and a second place, not bad !!!

Race two is a photocopy of race 1, Alessandro Nervi confirms the good things done keeping the command of the GT1 class and undermining towards the end of the race the Audi RS4 of category V8. 6th final tempèo and leadership confirmed in the ranking. Pigoli manages to gain the second position and in the first laps, after having studied closely the Ukrainian opponent, manages to slip it taking the lead of the race and going to win.

Rich loot and almost en-plein for the team and riders who lengthen in the standings and confirm themselves at the top of the condition and in perfect harmony with the cars.

Next event in Imola, with the ACI weekend contract with the GT and Porsche Carrera Cup categories.