Press Release 44/2018 29.10.2018

Mugello. The last act of the 2018 SuperCUP trophy and many other national championships ended during the weekend on the Tuscan circuit. Among the various turns of the track characterized by curves and chicane along the hills seasonal verdicts were awarded.

Autorlando-Sport was present with three cars in the SuperCUP trophy, one 911 GT4 to the young driver Alessandro Nervi (# 35) who after winning the class title at Monza was ready to attack the first position of the overall classification held by Max Pigoli. The driver from Como (# 34) returned to his orange and black 997 CUP after the bracket of Monza while Giuseppe Ghezzi (#39) also debuted in the same box, on the twin car to that of Alessandro. A trident of attack, therefore ready to make the most of the cars prepared by the team of Pedrengo to collect important results and to hold down scores and titles.

Alessandro had never raced at Mugello before, initially he is in difficulty but with the three practices and the team’s help in race 1, dry, he does everything very well before a contact, in an attempt to overtake Luli Del Castello for the fourth absolute position. In race 2, in the wet and without having ever tried, is on the defensive to take home good points for the final classification, finishing in third place in the GT1 class.

The hard work during all the season can be seen and the results were rewarded by the efforts of the team and of the young driver who won the GT1 class title and the second position in the overall standings for his first full season in a championship.

Not knowing many of the circuits where the trophy has stopped did not have big expectations, but with the help of the team Autorlando has grown race after race starting to express their potential combined with a great reliability. These three things put together: the professionalism of Autorlando more learning and reliability of Alessandro were finalized in winning the SuperCUP Series Trofeo GT1 category and the second place overall in the SUPERCUP SERIES behind nothing less than Max Pigoli author of a second place in race 1 on Saturday which allowed him to win the title mathematically.

Max veteran of racing for many years has been able to defend himself with great experience from Ukrainian Iefimenko in the first part of the season where the duels between the two have fired up the GT2 class and then managed to administer the advantage of a good accountant in the second part of the season can always count on a car that has never left it on foot

Also noteworthy is the debut of the 2017 European GT4 champion (2nd in the 2018) Giuseppe Ghezzi who gets a fourth position on the grid in Friday’s qualifying, a second place in class 1 on Saturday and a third place overall in race 2 on Sunday .

The result of the season is very satisfying, the efforts of all the boys of the Autorlando team are rewarded, able to put on the grid cars always at the top of their performances, it was a wonderful adventure, school of sport and life, especially for the drivers, both for the more experienced, Ghezzi and Pigoli, and the young Nervi victorious in his first championship. We can only give them all our compliments and wish them the best for the continuation of the year and for future programs