Press release 48/2018 20.11.2018

On a weekend characterized by the icy cold arrived on the north of Italy to Franciacorta and the Special Rally Show at Monza Autorlando deployed two Stuttgart leapfrogs.
In Monza, the couple Fratti-Verna aboard the 911 SC “Vezza” win a 3rd place class and a 6th absolute place in the special rally organized by the Vedovati team at the Monza racetrack. In the 4 special stages the Tuscan couple get important results that allow him to take third place in a race fought with seconds.

In the Brescia land Visdomini, in his third season race, manages to get the podium in race 1 in the event organized by the Franciacorta racetrack. In race two arrivess in 5th place after a battle with the Lotus driven by Guastamacchia. In the first year in the racing world the driver is growing its experience and the improvements are tangible to all.

Another positive weekend for the team, with important results for the mechanics, but above all for the drivers.

Info and results:

Special Racing Weekend Franciacorta