Press release n. 49/2018, 06.12.2018

The last appointment of the season for the Bergamasco team is staged this weekend at the “Monza Rally Show” where the crew Fratti-Verna, already present at the Special Rally Circuit Vedovati, will drive the yellow-white 911 SC “Vezza” along the three days of special on the Autodromo Brianza track. The Monza Rally Show is a fixed appointment for the boys captained by Orlando Redolfi and that this year will bring a historic car rather than a modern car as happened in 2017 with Mengozzi, ended in 3rd position in class R-GT..

There will be 23 historical cars, while for the modern, with many VIP such as Valentino Rossi, Teemu Suninen, Roberto Brivio, Antonio Cairoli, Alessio Salucci it is even 97. It promises a great show and stages very “pulled” with the new of the jump positioned on the main straight that will offer to viewers and crews an extra thrill. We expect a large and large audience composed of young fans but also by many families who at the beginning of December are “attracted” to the racetrack to enjoy the sound and spectacular driving of drivers and cars, preferring the the winter markets.

Maurizio and Alessandro will therefore have to do the reconnaissance on Thursday, the shakedown on Friday at 09:30 while the first two specials, “Monza 1” and “Roccolo 1” will be staged at 16:00 on the same afternoon. Saturday starts again at 09.05 in the morning with the stage “Parabolica 1”, then to follow “Autodromo”, “Parabolica 2” and “Grand Prix”. Sunday grand finale with “Grand Prix 2”, “Roccolo 2”, “Monza 2” and the spectacular “MASTER SHOW”, reserved however only for modern cars, at 2.30 pm in the afternoon to end the Monza event with a flourish.

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