Press release 01/2019, 26.01.2019

The Autorlando sports season begins with the participation in the prestigious Historic Rally of Montecarlo this year at the 22nd edition. The Porsche 911 GR.4 has a rich and important historic palmares from the ’79 thanks to rally, race on track and uphill and then the approval of ACM for regularity competition, thanks to the “crew” from Bergamo, Davide and Amilcare Stancheris, who distinguished their self in the first experience in 2018.

2019 big news is the departure from Milan Friday at 18:00 that will take place from the Palazzo del Senato with the cars leaving the capital Lombardo will start towards France to reach Bouis les Baronnies. Then they reach Valance, where all 316 participants will meet for the first time arriving from all the starting town and where they will take place the central stages of the Rally. Almost 2500 kilometers in 6 days with 15 special tests to be overcome trying to stay in the average assigned hour to avoid incurring penalties. Like last year, the epilogue of the event will be in Monaco on the night between Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6, the highlight with the last two special stages, including the very famous and fearful test of “Col de Turini”.

In 2018, at their first experience in this historic race, Davide and Amilcare took a very important 31st class place, managing to finish the last special stages within the first 50 cars, showing that they immediately mastered the “mechanism” of the Rally.

Ready for a 2019 rich of important programs for AUTORLANDO SPORT TEAM.

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