Press Release 04/2019 08.04.2018

At the Monza racetrack on a weekend that kicked off the 2019 season of the ACI championships and which saw the debut of the new format of the Italian GT Endurance championship, Sunday’s races were made lively and intense due to the rain that fell at times and with variable intensity, testing the ability of the drivers on the track, the readiness of the.

Autorlando-Sport in the GT4 category debuted the brand new 718 Cayman GT4 which with the GHEZZI-CHIESA-RUBERTI  finished the first 3 hours of the season with a fantastic second class place, despite having made another pit stop at the start of the race. The three drivers started with the rain tires that brought an extra tire change compared to the # 208 car, but the amazing performance of the new car and skill demonstrated by the three drivers allowed them to take the second step of the podium in comeback on the winning Ginetta. Ghezzi’s race was excellent in the first phase of the three hours that saw the weather conditions change several times, Chiesa in the central stint showed an excellent race pace and RUBERTI stopped the clock on the 2’00 in the last hour recovering a lot of seconds to the winning crew.

The box-collegues, CERATI-BRAVETTI-FONDI, on the other Cayman #275 close the race in the 4th place and as regards the first crew close its race not without twists because on the last stint with Maurizio Fondi at the driving, the car has suffered two punctures, first to the rear DX and then to the rear SX. The good pace of Fondi, however, has allowed us to bring the second car to the foot of the podium, conquering the applause and compliments of the public and the team.

In Spain during the first seasonal weekend of the Peter Auto championships the Jagermeister orange 934 driven by the couple CAFFI-CABIANCA conquers a beautiful 3rd place in the race after having finished the qualifying on Saturday on the sixth grid class place.

The management of the 996RSR in the “Global Endurance Legends” was entrusted only to Maurizio Fratti who on saturday qualifying closes in the 3rd absolute place, that correspond to a second class place on the starting grid. In race 1 on Saturday, the podium ran for a few seconds with the 996RSR closing at 4 ° while unfortunately the second race was less fortunate for FRATTI who after a tire change due for the weather conditions were changing forced the pilot to finish the race before the end.

We look forward to the next race at the end of this week at the Mugello circuit, where the team will be at the forefront of the 997 GT3 CUP driven by Adriano Visdomini in the 911 Cup championship organized by the Peroni Group and maybe with a second historic car Porsche 911 SC.

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