Press release 19/2019 24.06.2019

The just concluded weekend that saw our team, the Autorlando-Sport, engaged on three fronts closes with several prominent results confirming the good work and the road taken: the victory and a third place in the GT4 category of the Italian Sprint for the 718 Cayman GT4 together with 4th place in race 2 of the twin car driven by Cerati-Chiesa. Still at Imola, in the Supercars Series Fondi, he took third place in race 1, while in the Rally della Lana in Biella, the Fratti-Verna crew shook off the rust by climbing up to the 6th place in its class, 40th overall.

At Imola in the Italian GT the Ghezzi-Camathias pair takes a victory in Race 1 which confirms the growing feeling of the two drivers with the new car collecting what has been sown so far bringing the precious trophy in the box giving a lot of smiles to all the team. For the record, the victory came after the penalty, when the engines were already switched off, imposed on BMW but the all-comeback race had already assigned the “moral” victory of the session to the white-blue couple. In race two another podium but “only” a third place with the other Cayman (# 275), driving by Cerati-Chiesa, who unlike race 1 where it finished in 6th position, closes in fourth place, immediately behind the teammates. Now the fruits of the work of the setting of the car for the drivers can be seen and the team can now take away the satisfactions that we knew would come and that our supporters were waiting for.
The weekend went off smoothly with only the rain on Saturday that wet both qualifying sessions but giving the possibility, at the end of Q2, to mount the Slick. La (# 275) had closed the qualify in 8th (Cerati) / 4th (Church) class position on the grid, while (# 276) had placed in 4th / 2nd with Ghezzi and Camathias respectively.

Still at Imola, Giordano Giovannini carried the Supercars series, dedicated to the fastest cars of its championships. Maurizio Fondi participates with the 997 GT3-R, which has always been liked by the Tuscan driver who in 2018 had driven it at Vallelunga during the Peroni weekend in early July. On Friday the free practices and the qualifications are contested which are closed in 6th place overall, 5th of class. Race 1 is closed on the podium, on the third step, while in Race 2 the same result is not repeated after the fight, which lasted the entire race with the Galante 488 Challenge.

In the third race for the team, the Historic Wool Rally valid for the Italian championship, the Fratti-Verna crew participated with the 911 SC Gr.4 “Vezza”. The rally took place completely between Saturday and Sunday with tests scheduled between 16.00 on Saturday and 13.10 on Sunday with the arrival of the first car scheduled at 2.00 pm at the service park organized in the parking lot of the “Gli orsi” shopping center. Saturday the first lap of the three scheduled races, “Baltigati-Noveis-Romaninadue” is tackled by the crew with intermediate tires due to the light rain that falls but the times do not fully satisfy the rider that we remember is facing a rally after several years absence. Evening falls and the asphalt gradually dries up convincing the crew to pass a dry tire before the PS6. The car is better and the feeling between the crew and the car grows slowly as the chronometer does not seem to confirm it. Sunday morning the first car starts at 09.09 for the first lap of the stages “VALDENGO-CAMPORE” and above in this last, both at the first and the second pass, Fratti-Verna holds the car in the absolute top 20. A convincing result therefore shows progress infusing confidence in the crew in view of other rallies.

The last intense and satisfying weekend of June closes as the calendar includes an appointment in July: the ascent of Trento-Bondone, the C.E.R. in Hungary and the GT Sprint at Mugello are just some of the upcoming events that will keep us glued to the head to follow the team and the cars.

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