Press release 21/2019 08.07.2019

It was supposed to be the 69th Trento-Bondone edition of the record times because of the results that everyone expected from the competitors regarding the timing of the race, and it was partly before the “usual” summer storm hit the race course slowing down the prototypes and claiming “illustrious” victims.

The time of Giuseppe Ghezzi, 10’28.62 projects him on the third step of the absolute podium and allows him to conquer a well-deserved GT class victory putting himself behind all the opponents including the CIVM drivers championship, used to competitions of this type and proving to be completely in order despite a sport claim made by an opponent. The Autorlando-Sport team also deployed a 997 GT4 that led Dario Cerati to stop the 12’14.33 stopwatch by grabbing second place in the GTS class completing the amazing weekend that rewarded the drivess and the work of team for the event preparation.

During the tests on Saturday the two bishops of the team became familiar with the track, testing the new asphalted points and giving their sensations to the team to decide and eventually do a little variation on the final setting. Ghezzi’s time was better in round 1, approaching with a 10’40 at that 10th 37 which earned him 4th place last year. For Cerati, the time in the second session was better, after he spun into a hairpin during the first pass. On Sunday the riders start around 2.30 pm when the storm that will characterize the end of the race is still “far away” and the roar of fans and under the tent when the times go out on the monitor is thunderous, leaving many people surprised given the performance put in field by the two drivers. The joy is so great and becomes even greater when the last car passes on the finish line, thus confirming for Giuseppe Ghezzi also a well deserved 3rd place overall. The pilots can celebrate and there remains only a pinch of apprehension before the communication that comes after the technical checks but that can do nothing but confirm the goodness of the final result and the full conformity of the car.

These are the words of Ghezzi interviewed at the end of the race: “I dreamed of this result and it has arrived. Indeed, I went beyond the most optimistic expectations. This year we did a specific job on the tires, which he paid. When I arrived at the finish line and I read 10’28 “I didn’t understand anything. I won my group, with the new record, and finished third overall. An incredible day. What made the difference? In addition to the tires, the right foot. There are two or three points on the course where you have to throw down your foot and keep the car. At times I saw the rocks getting closer and closer, but the car held. And this wonderful result has arrived”
Congratulations and congratulations to the winners, pilots, team and supporters, who flocked to Trentino to follow us closely. Appointment at the weekend with the 934 that with Fratti-Cabianca will go to Hungary to confirm the first position in the ranking in the C.E.R.

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