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Autorlando Sport team this weekend was busy on two fronts: in Hungary for the C.E.R. the 934 Jagermeister was deployed, led by the Fratti-Cabianca couple, while at Cesana-Sestriere Cerati, after the 2nd place at Trento-Bondone, took part in the uphill race of “home” with the 911 SC.

In Hungary Fratti-Cabianca were at their debut on the circuit that will host the Formula 1 Grand Prix in a few weeks, and since Friday they have tried to familiarize themselves with the 4381m of track. A track that is not fast, with many medium and long-range corners that are not really in the strings of a Porsche but the pair of drivers had the task of bringing home the best possible result in order to maintain the position in the standings conquered in the previous appointments. A little unexpected forces them to finish early Friday free practice and Saturday in qualifying do not go beyond the 6th class time.

In the race, however, the two drivers give their best with Cabianca delivering the car to Fratti after half an hour in third place; Maurizio starts from the pits in the same position, he keeps it for the whole race even if the times get up due to the deterioration of the tires which, tooks the cars and the driver in 4th position in the class.
Next race will be in Monza in September 22nd where Fratti and Cabianca will be busy also in the Global Endurance Legend with the Porsche 996 RSR GT2.

The second appointment for the team was in the Cesana-Sestriere climb and there, too, another podium arrived for Cerati. The Turin driver 7 days ago at the Trento-Bondone had finished second in the GTS class with Porsche 997 GT4 , with a race time that had fallen by as much as 15 seconds compared to Saturday’s tests. However, in his home historic race Dario Cerati choose the majestic Porsche 911 sc.

On Saturday the two races saw Dario’s time approaching the 6-minute threshold and on Sunday the performance was superb, taking third place with a time of 5’55” which confirms the driver’s ability to interpret the track at its best.

July is not yet over, competitive, this week the Italian GT Sprint makes a stop in Mugello in Tuscany. Stay tuned to be updated on the results of Ghezzi-Camathias (# 276) and Cerati-Chiesa (275) with the two 718 Cayman GT4.

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