Championships presentation


Calendario eventi:
Estoril, Portogallo 30th April 2018
Spa, Belgio 28th May 2018
Paul Ricard, Francia 11th June 2018
Hungaroring, Ungheria 2nd July 2018
Silverstone, Inghilterra 3rd September 2018
Monza, Italia 1st October 2018
Barcellona, Spagna 29th October 2018

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The International GT Open was created in 2006 by former sportscar driver Jesus Pareja. GT Sport has been the official organizer for a decade of the Spanish GT and F3 championships. In 2015 the series opens its Edition, after reaching a growing success in terms of excellence and quality of membership, interest, significance and geographical expansion. The GT Open Championship attracts a growing number of famous teams and drivers. The best League for GT2 and GT3 cars pro-am in Europe. In Super Gt and GTS classes, with categorisation of drivers in Pro and Am. The GT series that first posted time handicap (by serving in the pit during the pilot), as well as the level of system performance, instead of measures that affect the machine. The main GT series where there are complicated and confused driver ratings.

Two free practice sessions of 1 hour each;

2 qualifying sessions (40 minutes each – one per driver)
Race 1: 70 minutes
Race 2: 60 minutes depending on the circuit (to prevent refueling)

In addition to the website, GT Sport has in place a media service that provides comprehensive information (in English, Spanish, Italian and French) and pictures prior, during and after each event, to a database of 900 specialized motorsport journalists in Europe and around the world.

Internet is growing faster and faster and news high speed connections now allow people to enjoy HD videos and images on their personal computers and mobile devices.

That’s why has been created a new GT Open web portal ( with a great integrated streaming web TV, where we will watch all the events in LIVE internet streaming and mobile LIVE streaming.


Events calendar:
Imola 29th April 2018
Le Castellet, Francia 13th May 2018
Misano 17th June 2018
Mugello 15th July 2018
Vallelunga 09th September 2018
Monza 07th October 2018
Mugello 28th October 2018

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Seven events with double races, five racetracks in Italy, in seven events. Two titles and two Italian CSAI National Trophies up for grabs. The most fascinating and powerful GT cars on the track. Entertainment and competitive spirit in the best tradition of the Italian GT.

Production work promptly and precisely, together NUVOLARI 1% in the presence of a large group of television stations, allowed to develop GT 2015, a television coverage of over 226 hours. This significant number of hours, over 119 have been developed by national networks and satellite and 92
from a large group of television areal distributed on the Italian territory. In fact, well 88 television stations received services, pre-assembled by ACI Sport, the individual races of the Italian GT Championship throughout the course year for their news and columns. It should be noted the important contribution of the RAI. In addition to direct services and presentation of each event broadcast by Rai Sport 1 and 2, the Italian GT Championship has also been included in the containers
handled by the sports editor RAI such as: Number One and Racing Department. Dynamic Channel, Rai sport 2, SportItalia, AutoMotoTV, Odeon and RTV finally have reserved extensive services to Italian GT Championship after each race weekend.

The numbers of the 2017 season
A TV production managed directly, promotion of Racing Weekend and its championships careful and punctual, Sport Italia in live tv coverage and Nuvolari in deferred and highlights allowed to develop in the course of the season, television coverage of more than 51 hours. The Italian Championship Racing Weekend in the present, were also included in other TV programs like: Number One, One Speed and Racing Department.

In 2017 the occupation of television Italian GT Championship. Was 38 hours 10 minutes and 30 seconds

In 2017 the pages dedicated to the Italian GT Championship were 14 (7 out of Gazzetta dello Sport
and Corriere dello Sport on 7).

In 2017 the pages dedicated to the Italian GT Championship in the trade press have been over
185. Over 850 articles have been made by local newspapers and websites.

Winning format can’t be changed, therefore, the race format of the 12th edition of the Italian GT will match that of the past few seasons. For each of the seven events, 2 races with a maximum duration of 48 hour + 1 lap, two free practice sessions and two sessions of qualifying that will determine the
two starting grids. Participation is limited to crews of two drivers, but only one driver can be a Pro Driver that have achieved significant results in his career. The driver change must necessarily be carried out, while to balance the performances are provided in this edition handicap time, that the crews on the podium in the last race have to serve at the pit stop. Since 2016, the new GT4 class will be part of the Italian championship.


Events calendar:
Mugello 7ht April 2018
Misano 5th May 2018
Monza 23th June 2018
Imola 15th September 2018
Misano 20th October 2018
6h Vallelunga 11th November 2018

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3 Hours Endurance will have three groupings to accommodate virtually any vehicle. It starts from the Gran Turismo with GT3 cars. A second Grouping will instead be exclusive to the cars Sport in CN2 and CN4 configuration. The third and final grouping is for touring cars where they find their collacation also vehicles with tubular chassis.



Barcelona, Spain 8th April 2018
SPA Classic 20th May 2018
Grand Prix de Lage D’Or 10th June 2018
Dix Mille Tours du Castellet 2nd September 2018
Imola, Italia 28th October 2018

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In 2018, C.E.R will celebrate its fiftheenth season. A great achievement throughout Europe where the drivers and their cars revived the great days of endurance creating one of the most important historic events. This year, Classic Endurance Racing will take the entrants to some of the most typical circuits on which the five races are programmed from March to October.
Since 2004 Classic Endurance Racing has been THE retrospective of endurance races held between 1966 and 1979, an era when this branch of the sport topped the bill in world motor racing. It was the glorious years of the Ford GT40s, Porsches 910 and 917, Ferraris 512S and M, BMWs, etc. driven by the likes of Jacky Ickx, Henri Pescarolo, Gérard Larrousse, whose playing fields were not limited to the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours: they also raced on the greatest European circuits in the context of the Sports Car World Championship. Classic Endurance Racing is much more than a simple historic commemoration. With grids of 50 cars and drivers determined to pay homage to the glorious past of their vehicles, the on-track spectacle is simply awesome!  To meet the demand the field will be split into two at all the Peter Auto events: CER 1 – GT 1966/1974 1 Prototypes 1966/1971 – CER 2 GT 1975/1979 Prototypes 1972/1979.
A thrilling seven months in perspective for Classic Endurance Racing, which kicks off at Vallelunga-Classic between 31 March al 2 April.


Mugello 8th April 2018
Misano 6th May 2018
Franciacorta 20th May 2018
Vallelunga 3rd June 2018
Monza 24th June 2018
Varano 22th July 2018
Imola 16th September 2018
Misano 21th October 2018

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The 2017 Championship formula remains confirmed. Format is: 2 individual races, lasting between 15 and 28 minutes. Driver line up might be: or 1 single driver, attending at both races; or 2 drivers, with 2 separate


Adria 22th April 2018
Misano 27th May 2018
Magione 17th June 2018
Imola 29th July 2018
Vallelunga 9th September 2018
Monza 7th October 2018
Mugello 28th October 2018

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Competition reserved for all Gran Turismo and Turismo V8:
– Two session of free practice (20 minutes each)
– One qualifying of 25 minutes
– Two races (25 minutes each)
– Free tires
– Free fuel
– Highlight race on TV


Zolder, Belgio 8th April 2018
Brand Hatch, UK 6th May 2018
Misano, Italia 24th June 2018
SPA, Belgio 22th July 2018
Hungaroring, Ungheria 2nd September 2018
Nurburgring, Germania 16th September 2018

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During 2018, the GT4 European Series will thave he same format. The championship is divided into two classes : Amateur (AM) and Professional (PRO). Two drivers can be registered for entry. PRO/AM, AM/PM. AM Only pilots are allowed to drive solo in our league. The promoter will make a the final decision whether a combination of drivers will be classified for the class or PRO AM. In addition to the “drivers’ championship “. There will also be a “ team championship “. points will awarded to the team that has scored the most of points taking into account all the results obtained by car top finishers of each team entered during events that they have actually taken place .

Television and Social Media

GT4 European Series should include practice sessions (EVERY 60 minutes), because qualifying sessions (EVERY 15 minutes) and due races (each of 50 minutes + 1 lap). During both races there will be a mandatory pit-stop between the Minute 20° and 30° of the race . The promoter GT4 European Series decide which option fits better before every event.

Scoring System
1st 25 pts
2nd 20 pts
3rd 16 pts
4th 13 pts
5th 10 pts
6th 8 pts
7th 6 pts
8th 4 pts
9th 2 pts
10th 1 pts